Holidays in Italy

Holidays in Italy

Italy is an European state situated on Italic Peninsula that includes also many islands in Mediterranean Sea , the most important being Sicilia and Sardinia – check for holiday rentals and flight deals.
Its surrounded by: Austria, France, Switzerland, and Slovenia.
Its territory includes two independent enclaves San Marino and Vatican and it has an enclave on Swiss territory.
holiday-in-italyItaly has many types of climate:
• alpine climate in Alps at altitudes over 3000 m;
• continental sub Mediterranean climate in Pad Plain, in the hilly regions and on the Apennines slopes;
• Mediterranean climate (hot and relative wet because of the sea vicinity)
• semiarid climate inside Sicilia (due to the mountainous obstacles).
Due to its wonderful and diverse landscape, great history ,astonishing cultural heritage and huge offer of villas and chalets to rent, Italy is in the top ten of the most visited European countries. Each Italian city has its own offer. We present you below some of the most famous of them:

» Napoli

Napoli is the biggest city of southern Italy. It is rich in monuments such as: Castel Nuovo (XII century), Triumph Arch, Royal Palace (XVII century), National Palace and National Gallery on Capodimonte, churches. Next to the city there is the Roman city Pompeii covered by lava during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 BC.
Romantic destinations, the Riviera, are a littoral part arranged for tourism. The most important is Italian Riviera consisting in a chain of spa – sea resorts: San Remo, Diano Marina, Alassio, Nervi, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure.
There are then the Napolitano Riviera situated in Napoli Bay: Amalfi, Sorrento, islands Ischia and Capri;  the Venetian: Lido di Venezia, Riccione, Rimini, The Sarda Sardinia island, the Palermitana in the area of Palermo.

» Venice

Venice is situated in the saltwater lagoon of Adriatic Sea and lies on over 100 of little islands. The main way is Canal Grande, that winds along from San Marco Square up to city border.
Along the Canal Grande tourists can admire the most beautiful palaces of Europe built by the rich Venetian merchants. In addition to canal Grande the main touristic attraction of the city are: Square and Basilica San Marco, Doges Palace, Bridge of Sighs, Ponte Rialto, Historic Centre Districts: Castello, Cannaregio, San Polo, Santa Croce, Dorsoduro, with its countless architectonic, artistic and cultural treasures.

» Florence

Capital of district with the same name, this city situated next to the Apennines Mountains is famous for its Gothic and Renaissance buildings, Art Galleries and museums. In addition it is an important commercial centre.
For those people that like the nature and the adventure, Italy Alps is what they need.

» Dolomites Mountains have the most notched peaks in the world. They are a real Alpine paradise. These mountains rise in groups probably because they formed from an ancient reef. Among these rocky groups there are green meadows full of wild flowers and the alpine Bavarian cities.
Dolomites are one of the greatest Alps areas for cycling. There are a lot of passes in one region, many of them being connected with each other. These mountains are famous too for “via ferata”, a way with fixed cables that help the climbers and offer safety to the beginners in covering the difficult, abrupt itineraries. This way has a fascinating history – initially it was made by the Italian and Austrian troops that fought in this area during the First World War.
Dolomites Mountains are a very popular holiday destination – ski and climbing during the winter, trips, parachute jumping and gliding during the summer. The main touristic centre are Rocca Pietore along the glacier Marmolada, the little cities Alleghe, Falcade, Auronzo, Cortina d Ampezzo and the villages Arabba, Ortisei and San Martino di Castrozza and the valleys Fassa, Gardena and Badia.
Italian Beaches offer an alternative for the sea and sun lovers:

» Otranto is a historical city and port on Adriatic Sea in South Italy.

It is a little town with a very nice holiday atmosphere being an ideal escape for one or many holiday days.
The city beaches are small and very pleasant in May but they become crowded in summer.
The shore outside the city is famous for its beauty and the traveller can find here nice beaches, less agglomerated.
In Northern side of Otranto there is a sandy beach – Baia dei Turchi and the lakes of the sea side – Laghi Alimini

•  Cinque Terre beaches in Liguria:

Cinque Terre meaning five lands are in fact five magnificent villages laying on the South Coast of Italy.
If you prefer a traditional beach with long chairs and umbrellas, then Monterosso is the ideal destination.
Even if some beaches are with gravel, the water is clean with a very nice blue colour.

•  Arbust Beach in Sardinia

The coast part with beaches of this region is called Green Coast and lies on 47 km from Capo della Fransca to Capo Pecora.
Pistis beach has fine, white sand on 2 km. Next to the water on the shore formed sand dunes with junipers and by the interior the sand formed real hills up to 30 meters high.

•  Castiglion della Pescaia beaches in Toscana:

Is an Italian coast in Toscana.
It is a city with sea view having a fortification keeping a medieval atmosphere.
Its famous beaches can satisfy all the tastes: the tourists can take sun bath, rent boats, make kite surf or learn diving.