Travelling in US

Travelling in US

With its mountains, meadows and maple forests, Vermont is a great destinations in US, especially in the autumn when you can join the Leaves Festival in the north-east of the region. The festival takes place every year in a different city and lasts a week from the end of September to the first days of October.
Visiting VermountVermont is situated in the north-east of the United States having the main international airport at Burlington. The airport is situated 124 km far from St. Johnsbury but most international flights arrive in Boston at 240 km.

» Suggestions for your holidays:

• Start visiting St Johnsbury, the unofficial capital of the Northeast Kingdom. Here you can visit Maple Grove Farms, the biggest Maple candy factory in the world and the beautiful art gallery Athenaeum.
• Rent a car and drive to Darling Hill and BUrke Mountain to admire the amazing landscapes.
• Go to Willoughby Glacial Lake in the north. It’s a great area for hiking the surrounding mountains and swimming if the weather is good.
• Drive and cross little villages like Crafsbury Common, Walden, Cabot, Peacham and Barnet where the festival takes place.
• Champion Lake is a great place also, so if you are in the area you should stop for a while and enjoy the view.


Travel tips:

• buy souvenirs from the shops, they are excellent,
• stop in every village and admire the area and landscape,
• if you travel in the festival season take a list of events so you will not miss them,
• book hotel accommodation early, especially villas with car to get the best offers in 2013 & check the travel guide before starting your journey.

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